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About Toi D'Lane

Better to be strong than pretty and useless.

Hello Hello!! I’m sure the name of the blog was what caught your attention and brought you here.  If you haven’t already please take time to read my first post “Not Your Angry Black Women” it gives a little more insight about me and the name.

I decided to start a blog because there's always so much I want to get off my chest.  This isn't just for black women; it's for all.  I want to show the average person that they're not alone.  We all go through things that no one knows or maybe we feel as though we don't have an outlet.  I'll always be open and honest.  All post are my truth that I hope can help others.

All in all I want to show women their everyday struggles are relatable.  I want people to feel normal again and know that what they see on social media isn't the majority.  On the contact section my email is provided, please feel free to reach out with questions or idea topics.  All questions and topics will be anonymous!  If you are interested in having your own content posted, please contact me on about being featured. 

So let me know what’s on your mind…

- Toi D’Lane -


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